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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 16-18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rufus agree to spray-paint on the front door of the Cathedral Heights police station?
(a) "Moors is boss".
(b) "Moors rule".
(c) "Moors is tops".
(d) "Moors is best".

2. After the Moors' initial contact with Alex Robbins, Rufus tells them to show up at the crafts center how?
(a) On time and wearing dark sunglasses.
(b) Late and wearing dark sunglasses.
(c) Early and wearing dark clothes.
(d) Early and wearing dark sunglasses.

3. As soon as Rufus makes his pledge and shakes Bantu's hand, what transpires next?
(a) Except for Tantu, the Moors start beating on Rufus.
(b) Bantu, Baby Gibson, and the other Moors start beating on Rufus.
(c) Except for Baby Gibson, the Moors start beating on Rufus.
(d) Except for Tantu and Baby Gibson, the Moors start beating on Rufus.

4. After meeting with Pelican, Rufus offers a proposal to what gang next?
(a) The Animals.
(b) The Attackers.
(c) The Admirals.
(d) The Aztecs.

5. This first time he has their car keys, Rufus has the Gassers get into their car and he leaves the keys for them where?
(a) At the Fat Boy's drive-in.
(b) At the other end of the alley.
(c) At the Happy Spot taco stand.
(d) With the owner of the grocery store.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Rufus ask the president of Baby's gang for?

2. How do the gang members reflect their vote for Rufus to join the Moors?

3. While holding the broken bottle in defense, what does Rufus say he is demanding the Gassers' car keys for?

4. What is Sergeant Starkey's response when Alex Robbins first stops by the police station and tells him his role is to break up the Moors?

5. What does Rufus offer to buy with the money he gets when he leaves Pine Valley?

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