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Pine Valley Honor Camp

This is a detention center where juvenile delinquents are sent to work off their crimes and be rehabilitated.

Teagarden Street

The buildings here are set close together and have peeling paint.

Beer-Can Openers

These are used as weapons against rival gangs.

Milk Bottle

This was purchased at a supermarket to be made into a weapon.

Janet's Pigtails

This is hung from the antenna of a car.

Rufus' Scrapbook

This is an item stolen from a prominent gang member for purposes of embarrassment.

The Happy Spot

This is a popular hangout for the Moors.

Chang's Grocery

This is an enterprise owned by an individual who does not like kids.

Club Chic

This enterprise is rented for a graduation dance.

Fat Boy's

One gang member keeps a car parked next to a phone booth at this enterprise to receive important calls.

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