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Essay Topic 1

To Frank Bonham, setting is very important. What sort of picture does he display in the opening chapters of Rufus Henry's new environment in the Durango Housing Project? Consider how Bonham presents the condition of the residences on Teagarden Street, the interior of Rufus' new home, and the alley providing his initial experience with the Gassers. How do these unpleasant surroundings contribute to Rufus feeling trapped?

Essay Topic 2

For a youth who must stay clear of trouble, why does Rufus Henry's new residence on Teagarden Street represent a hindrance? Why will Rufus feel uncomfortable spending lengthy periods of time there? Where will he likely be spending his time instead? What impact are his new surroundings in the Durango Housing Project likely to have?

Essay Topic 3

Rufus Henry recognizes that he wants to attend college, but to do so requires him to obtain a scholarship. What sports...

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