Durango Street Character Descriptions

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Rufus Henry

Shortly after joining the gang, this individual becomes their trusted leader.

Mr. Rubio

This character is a social worker at a juvenile detention center.

Janet Henry

This character is a twelve-year-old who has long, skinny legs and pigtails.

Etta Henry

This person alleges to have been married to a famous football player when she was sixteen, a claim that appears to be false by the end of the story.

Ernie Brown

This prominent football player affably engages the Moors and Gassers in football drills and encourages the two gangs to start a football league in the projects.

Baby Gibson

This is a street gang member who cannot do schoolwork because of a brain injury.


This person's eyes are bloodshot due to alcohol consumption and taking drugs. After being overpowered in an alley fight, the subject is forced out of a gang.

Alex Robbins

This social...

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