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Chapters 1-3

• Rufus has his weekly meeting with his social worker, Mr. Rubio, and advises that he has no problems.

• Mr. Rubio slyly lets Rufus know that he is aware of Ernie Brown.

• Rufus is released on probation to the Durango Housing Project.

• Rufus is nervous about going there as he has only been there once previously with other boys shooting the windows of stores out as they drove around in a stolen vehicle.

• His parole officer meets him at the bus station and takes him to his new home, advising that he is to stay away from all gangs.

Chapters 4-6

• Rufus explores his new home and then decides to rest in bed where he daydreams about participating in a gang fight, winning when Ernie Brown intervenes.

• Curtis tells Rufus he wants to join the Little Warriors, but Rufus tells him to stay clear of gangs. Rufus...

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