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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who uses 'Face Dancer' disguises?
(a) The Bene Gesserit
(b) The Face Dancers
(c) The Bene Haderach
(d) The Bene Tleilex

2. Who are Paul and Alia surprised to see among the Steersman's entourage?
(a) Duncan Idaho.
(b) Gurney Halleck.
(c) The Reverend Mother.
(d) Paul's mother.

3. What word do the Fremen use for the open sand?
(a) B'yarr.
(b) Bled.
(c) Blake.
(d) Blat.

4. What does Paul think is the 'inevitable fate of power?'
(a) To attract unwanted attention
(b) To break the hearts of those close to you
(c) To destroy everything around
(d) To come under seige

5. What is the name of the ghola?
(a) Hayt
(b) Fale
(c) Dane
(d) Spitz

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alia realize about the meeting of the Imperial Council?

2. What did computers inspire before the Butlerian jihad?

3. Whose face does Scytale choose to wear to meet with the old man?

4. What do people suspect of the rich and powerful?

5. What type of suit does Paul wear?

Short Essay Questions

1. What curse do Fremen yell at shopkeepers? Why?

2. Why does Scytale think Farok is wise?

3. What makes Paul angry when Chani is getting the coffee ready?

4. What does Paul say about his powers?

5. Why do you think that perfectly predicting the future is fatal?

6. How is Scytale different from the other conspirators?

7. How does Paul treat Irulan?

8. How does Paul react to Hayt?

9. What 'Fremen' decision does Chani make? Would you make this same decision if you were in her place?

10. What is Irulan's relationship to Paul?

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