Dune Messiah Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Dune Messiah (pgs. 1-24)

• A dialogue between a priest and a condemned man offers some insight towards the plot and a recap of the events of the previous novel.
• Four conspirators meet to discuss their plan to destroy the empire of Paul Atreides.

• The reincarnated ghola of Duncan Idaho is introduced.

• Irulan, the only member not entirely committed to the plan, is convinced to join.

Dune Messiah (pgs. 24-36)

• Paul returns from a secret walk in the city and feels unhappy about his role and image as Emperor.

• Chani expresses her and Irulan's competing desires for a child, but suggests that Paul impregnates the princess due to Chani's seeming infertility.

• Paul recalls Chani and life as it used to be, receiving a prescient vision to 'disengage.'
• Paul meets with Irulan, who threatens Paul and demands a child.

• Chani advises Paul to abandon the godhead that is forced...

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