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Short Answer Questions

1. What way of fighting does Jessica offer to teach?

2. What do the smugglers offer Halleck?

3. What does the Baron make Feyd-Rautha do to teach him a lesson?

4. Why does Chani dislike the sietch?

5. Who does Paul say the water shows him he is?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Feyd Rautha's appearance at the gladiatorial fight?

2. Why is Jessica happy to be with the Fremen?

3. How can Paul prove he is indeed the Kwisatz Haderach?

4. Describe Stilgar's style of leadership.

5. Describe Paul's dream in Book 3, section 1.

6. How do Paul and Stilger convince the Fremen tribe that Stilger and Paul should not fight for the tribe's leadership?

7. What is Paul's physical state after he drinks the spice?

8. What is Paul's plan to defeat the Hakonnen forces?

9. What is Hawat's plan concerning the state of Fed's Rautha's opponent?

10. In what way does Chani immediately appeal to Paul?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Pick two different settings in the novel and discuss how different characters act in different settings and the reasons why. For example, what is it about Arrakis that gives Paul confidence while the same setting fills the emperor with dread?

Essay Topic 2

Choose one of the characters from the novel.

1) What is the character's background.

2) What is the character's motivation and goals?

3) What do you think the character adds to the story? How would the story change if the character was taken away?

Essay Topic 3

What is global warming? How does it affect the earth's environment? Why do some people turn a blind eye to global warming? How much would we have to change our lives to improve the environment?

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