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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What have they given to the special gladiator to stop him from killing Feyd-Rautha?
(a) A broken arm
(b) Drugs
(c) Post hypnotic suggestion
(d) Blunt weapons

2. Who is Staban Tuek's father?
(a) Gurney
(b) Leto
(c) Esmer
(d) The Baron

3. What do the Fremen think Paul is doing by shedding tears?
(a) Looking for sympathy
(b) Watering the plants
(c) Giving moisture to the dead
(d) Ridding himself of his anguish

4. Where do the 42 go?
(a) The Basin of the Earth
(b) The Dark Hole of Dune
(c) The Fremen castle
(d) The Cave of the Ridges

5. About what does Kynes lead his troops into a chant?
(a) Their mighty god
(b) Their transformed world
(c) The sun
(d) Former glories

Short Answer Questions

1. How many gladiatorial slaves has Feyd-Rautha killed?

2. Who does the Emperor order to kill Paul?

3. What announces it is time to move to the arena?

4. What bird is carved on the slave's forearm?

5. How many deciliters of water does the pool hold?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Paul's physical state after he drinks the spice?

2. Why does Tuek forbid Halleck to make a move against the Harkonnens?

3. In what way does Chani immediately appeal to Paul?

4. Why is Jessica happy to be with the Fremen?

5. What does the Baron learn from Hawat in part 3 section 1?

6. What has Paul achieved in the two leaders who has been with the Fremen tribe?

7. Summarize book 3, section 2.

8. What is Paul's plan to defeat the Hakonnen forces?

9. How does the Baron punish Feyd-Rautha for trying to assassinate him?

10. How are the worms useful to the Fremens?

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