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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Into what does Paul say he will turn Salusa Secundas?
(a) Rubble
(b) The capital
(c) A garden world
(d) A jungle world

2. What is the name of the Emperor's future bride?
(a) Duchess Loni
(b) Princess Irulan
(c) Lady Marie El-Polito
(d) Queen Bartez

3. What does the Baron make Feyd-Rautha do to teach him a lesson?
(a) Kill his servants
(b) Strangle all the slave women
(c) 100 press ups
(d) Shoot his mistress

4. What are maker hooks?
(a) Spades
(b) Fishing rods
(c) Clothes pegs
(d) Barbed sticks

5. What does Paul think he has missed after the ceremony?
(a) The Baron's presence
(b) Someone's death
(c) Seeing the sun go down
(d) An essential decision

6. How does Paul want to punish Mohiam?
(a) Imprison her
(b) Banish her
(c) Enslave her
(d) Strangle her

7. What do people fear about Alia?
(a) Her temper
(b) Her fighting skills
(c) Her lack of emotion
(d) Her adult mind

8. What would satellites reveal about Dune?
(a) Its nuclear weapons
(b) Its gradual greening
(c) It's holding wanted criminals
(d) It has no weapons

9. What is the name of the new religious leader on Arrakis?
(a) Secundas
(b) Sardauker
(c) Muad'Dib
(d) Nefud

10. What troop name does Stilger give to Paul?
(a) Lisan al-Gaib
(b) Lowry
(c) Dumpster
(d) Usul

11. What do the Fremen think Paul is doing by shedding tears?
(a) Looking for sympathy
(b) Giving moisture to the dead
(c) Watering the plants
(d) Ridding himself of his anguish

12. In what part of Feyd-Rautha's body does Paul thrust in his chrysknife?
(a) His jaw
(b) His leg
(c) His groin
(d) His nose

13. Whose dream do the Fremen carry out?
(a) Duke Leto's
(b) Chani's
(c) Liet-Kynes'
(d) Paul's

14. What do the smugglers offer Halleck?
(a) Ships
(b) Sanctuary
(c) Money
(d) Men

15. What does Paul offer Shaddam?
(a) Immunity
(b) Personal safety and a throne on Salusa Secundas
(c) Half of his gold and a palace
(d) His friendship and a position on his staff

Short Answer Questions

1. What is worse than any natural disaster?

2. What do the tribe chant about being denied?

3. For how long has Paul been ill?

4. Against what does Chani think Paul's body is reacting?

5. What way of fighting does Jessica offer to teach?

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