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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lingar Bewt's job?
(a) A mechanic
(b) A waiter
(c) A water carrier
(d) A worm doctor

2. What color is the room where Jessica finds Dr. Yueh?
(a) Orange
(b) Green
(c) Red
(d) Yellow

3. What does Paul have a sense of but no control over?
(a) His mother's love
(b) The future
(c) His death
(d) The Baron's mind

4. From where does Jessica think people are signaling?
(a) The Gum tree
(b) The Hill of Crosses
(c) The Military Base
(d) The Shield Wall

5. What kind of weapon is Hawcat hiding?
(a) A dagger
(b) Poison darts
(c) A laser gun
(d) A ninja star

6. In what code is Lady Margot Fenring's greeting written?
(a) Bene Gesserit code
(b) Fawcett Yourly code
(c) Hawat code
(d) Dune code

7. What does Jessica throw in Idaho's face?
(a) Beer
(b) Water
(c) Orange juice
(d) Coffee

8. Who summons Paul to his father's side?
(a) Duke Leto
(b) Mapes
(c) Jessica
(d) Dr. Yueh

9. What is the name of Paul's teacher?
(a) Mohiam
(b) Freman
(c) Haderach
(d) Hawat

10. What are mathematical geniuses called?
(a) Whizzes
(b) Mentats
(c) Numbers
(d) Mental Benders

11. Why does Paul perform mind-body exercises?
(a) To satify his mother
(b) To warm up for school
(c) To relieve tension
(d) To warm up for a game of chess

12. Who takes Leto's place as host of the party?
(a) Idaho
(b) Jessica
(c) Halleck
(d) Paul

13. What does Paul say is the cause of his waking dream?
(a) His father's death
(b) Geriatric spice
(c) His mother's nagging
(d) His training

14. How many men did the Sarauker lose during fighting?
(a) One hundred
(b) Ten
(c) Two
(d) Two hundred

15. What does Jessica call a death maker?
(a) A chrysknife
(b) A silver spoon
(c) A vein stripper
(d) A sword

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jessica find Lady Margot's greeting?

2. What does Hawat vow to do to Jessica?

3. What are Fremen?

4. What does the Law of the Minimum determine?

5. What does Paul say the Duke regretted not doing for Jessica?

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