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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Jessica want to escape?
(a) Herself
(b) The Fremen
(c) The Harkonnens
(d) Paul

2. What is Lingar Bewt's job?
(a) A mechanic
(b) A worm doctor
(c) A water carrier
(d) A waiter

3. What does Jessica light to study Paul's face?
(a) A match
(b) A Glowtab
(c) A fire paper
(d) A candle

4. Where does Paul sleep in the conference room?
(a) On the sofa
(b) On the table
(c) Under his father's chair
(d) On the projecter

5. What region do the legends take place about which Kynes talks?
(a) The northern region
(b) The southern region
(c) The eastern region
(d) The western region

6. Who tells Jessica not to pretend to be asleep?
(a) Yueh
(b) Paul
(c) Duke Leto
(d) The Baron

7. What is the only way to kill worms?
(a) High voltage
(b) Shields
(c) A nuclear bomb
(d) Slug pellets

8. What spreads in Leto when he is struck by the dart?
(a) Paralysis
(b) Blindness
(c) Love
(d) Deafness

9. What can Jessica tell about Kynes from his accent?
(a) He is an Harkonnen agent
(b) He from a poor family
(c) He is from earth
(d) He has no formal eduaction

10. What is the name of the Emperor's troops?
(a) The Special Services
(b) The Lightening Bolts
(c) Sardauker Corps
(d) The Lapaninian Corps

11. What does Paul whisper just before nightfall?
(a) I will revenge my father
(b) Now Harkonnen shall kill Harkonnen
(c) The Bad will eat the bad
(d) Good night

12. What law does Keynes discuss?
(a) The Law of the Sand Worms
(b) The Law of the Minimum
(c) The Law of the Maximum
(d) The Law of Love

13. What does Jessica throw in Idaho's face?
(a) Orange juice
(b) Water
(c) Coffee
(d) Beer

14. From whom does Idaho refuse to take orders?
(a) A peasant
(b) A Harkonnen spy
(c) A traitor
(d) A woman

15. Who breaks the tension in the dining room with a toast?
(a) Paul
(b) Idaho
(c) Tuek
(d) Hallack

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Great Houses nickname Duke Leto?

2. What does Paul see when he goes out to explore?

3. How many brigades attack Hawat?

4. What does Jessica use to hold Hawat in his chair?

5. What do the Fremen address Kynes as?

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