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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lingar Bewt's job?
(a) A worm doctor
(b) A mechanic
(c) A water carrier
(d) A waiter

2. Who does Paul recognize as the pilot of the 'thopter?
(a) Idaho
(b) The Baron
(c) Leto
(d) Kynes

3. What does Jessica throw in Idaho's face?
(a) Orange juice
(b) Coffee
(c) Water
(d) Beer

4. Where does Jessica mix with the party guests?
(a) In the Great Hall
(b) In the Kitchen
(c) In the Drawing Room
(d) In the Master Bedroom

5. Who does Jessica find the guards restraining?
(a) Duke leto
(b) Idaho
(c) Hawat
(d) Paul

6. What killed the Duke's father?
(a) A black bull
(b) A sand worm
(c) A mountain goat
(d) A mountain cat

7. What is the name of Paul's mother?
(a) Ruth
(b) Jessica
(c) Mary
(d) Mohiam

8. What does Paul have a sense of but no control over?
(a) His mother's love
(b) His death
(c) The Baron's mind
(d) The future

9. What is the name of the Emperor's troops?
(a) The Lightening Bolts
(b) The Special Services
(c) Sardauker Corps
(d) The Lapaninian Corps

10. Who breaks the tension in the dining room with a toast?
(a) Idaho
(b) Paul
(c) Tuek
(d) Hallack

11. How does Leto release the poisonous gas?
(a) He screams
(b) He bites down
(c) He spits
(d) He uses mind power

12. In what code is Lady Margot Fenring's greeting written?
(a) Hawat code
(b) Bene Gesserit code
(c) Fawcett Yourly code
(d) Dune code

13. Who tells Jessica not to pretend to be asleep?
(a) Duke Leto
(b) Yueh
(c) Paul
(d) The Baron

14. What color eyes does the pigeon have?
(a) Brown
(b) Blue
(c) Red
(d) Black

15. Who does Dr. Yeuh say is asleep in the room next door?
(a) Duke Leto
(b) Jessica
(c) Mapes
(d) Paul

Short Answer Questions

1. What can Jessica tell about Kynes from his accent?

2. What do Jessica's genetics enable Paul to do?

3. What will the gob jabber do to Paul if he moves?

4. From where does Jessica think people are signaling?

5. What planet is the House of Atriedes preparing to leave?

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