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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sisterhood training did Paul's mother once attend?
(a) Dune
(b) Mother Gaius
(c) Bene Gesserit
(d) Fremen

2. What do Jessica's genetics enable Paul to do?
(a) Alter consciousness
(b) Change the future
(c) Kill someone instantly
(d) Read minds

3. Who has Jessica arranged to attend the party?
(a) Halleck
(b) Kwisatz Haderach
(c) Lingar Bewt
(d) Esmar Tuek

4. What kind of conditioning has Yueh endured?
(a) Dune
(b) Capitalist
(c) Communist
(d) Imperial

5. Where does Jessica mix with the party guests?
(a) In the Great Hall
(b) In the Master Bedroom
(c) In the Kitchen
(d) In the Drawing Room

6. What is the name of Paul's teacher?
(a) Haderach
(b) Freman
(c) Hawat
(d) Mohiam

7. How many brigades attack Hawat?
(a) 67
(b) 75
(c) 120
(d) 50

8. Who does Leto toast?
(a) Jessica
(b) All those who have died
(c) His family
(d) Halleck

9. Who does the Baron put in charge of the investigation?
(a) Nefud
(b) Koed
(c) Lucille
(d) Tleilax

10. How long does a worm's victim last at the most when a worm begins its hunt?
(a) 30 minutes
(b) 30 seconds
(c) 10 minutes
(d) 15-20 minutes

11. Why does Jessica think Dr. Yueh talks with vehemence about the Harkonnens?
(a) They are his planet's enemy
(b) They killed his father
(c) They were responsible for his wife's death
(d) They took away hospital funding

12. What does Paul call his dream girl?
(a) Doreen
(b) Usul
(c) Finley
(d) Adeisha

13. What region do the legends take place about which Kynes talks?
(a) The western region
(b) The eastern region
(c) The southern region
(d) The northern region

14. What does Paul say the Duke regretted not doing for Jessica?
(a) Seeing her everyday
(b) Making her a Duchess
(c) Making her a princess
(d) Providing for her

15. What time does Jessica get out of bed?
(a) 3 am
(b) 6 am
(c) 2 am
(d) 5 am

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom do the Fremen say Halleck is?

2. What does the Law of the Minimum determine?

3. What are Fremen?

4. What has to be done to a person who sees a chrysknife?

5. What does the Duchess regret as she cries?

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