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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Leto release the poisonous gas?
(a) He uses mind power
(b) He spits
(c) He bites down
(d) He screams

2. What region do the legends take place about which Kynes talks?
(a) The northern region
(b) The southern region
(c) The western region
(d) The eastern region

3. Who could prevent Paul from fulfilling his destiny?
(a) Duke Leto
(b) Jessica
(c) Arrakis
(d) Mohiam

4. Who does Jessica think the traitor is?
(a) Duke Leto
(b) Hawat
(c) Idaho
(d) Yueh

5. What does Jessica throw in Idaho's face?
(a) Water
(b) Beer
(c) Orange juice
(d) Coffee

6. What does Mohiam use to draw Paul beside her?
(a) Her walking stick
(b) A rope
(c) The Voice
(d) The Energy

7. Of whom does Paul remind Halleck?
(a) Duncan Idaho
(b) Himself
(c) jessica
(d) Duke Leto

8. What does Paul condemn Jessica for doing?
(a) Having a son instead of a daughter
(b) Working for his father
(c) Falling in love with Yueh
(d) Making him into a male Bene Gessrit

9. What does Hawat vow to do to Jessica?
(a) Strangle her
(b) Banish her
(c) Torture her
(d) Shoot her

10. What law does Keynes discuss?
(a) The Law of the Maximum
(b) The Law of the Minimum
(c) The Law of the Sand Worms
(d) The Law of Love

11. What spreads in Leto when he is struck by the dart?
(a) Deafness
(b) Paralysis
(c) Blindness
(d) Love

12. What does Kynes do with his drink at the party?
(a) Pours it into a flask
(b) Pours it into Leto's glass
(c) Pours it down the toilet
(d) Gives it to a child

13. Who takes Leto's place as host of the party?
(a) Paul
(b) Jessica
(c) Idaho
(d) Halleck

14. To what kind of animal does the Fremen talk?
(a) A pigeon
(b) A rabbit
(c) A rat
(d) A bat

15. In what code is Lady Margot Fenring's greeting written?
(a) Hawat code
(b) Bene Gesserit code
(c) Fawcett Yourly code
(d) Dune code

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Paul recognize as the pilot of the 'thopter?

2. What does Hawat order his men to be like?

3. How long does a worm's victim last at the most when a worm begins its hunt?

4. What do Jessica's genetics enable Paul to do?

5. How many people does Idaho estimate the cave complex holds?

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