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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 1 (pgs. 100-143).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Law of the Minimum determine?
(a) What kinds of life are possible on Arrakis
(b) A worm's thought processes
(c) How many babies are born every day
(d) The Future of Arrakis

2. Why does Paul perform mind-body exercises?
(a) To satify his mother
(b) To warm up for a game of chess
(c) To relieve tension
(d) To warm up for school

3. Who has Jessica arranged to attend the party?
(a) Kwisatz Haderach
(b) Esmar Tuek
(c) Lingar Bewt
(d) Halleck

4. What does Paul watch a clip about?
(a) Fremen religous practises
(b) Sword fighting
(c) Sex education
(d) His family's rise to power

5. What does Paul see when he goes out to explore?
(a) A sand worm
(b) A hunter seeker
(c) A ghost
(d) A mirage

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jessica call a death maker?

2. What is the only way to kill worms?

3. How many men does Leto send to report to Hawat?

4. Where does Halleck have a scar?

5. How many people does Idaho estimate the cave complex holds?

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