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The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood

This order was founded at the same time as the Spacing Guild's school for Mentats, as a means of protecting humanity against the iconoclasm of the Butlerian Jihad against mechanical computers.


The water-rich home planet of House Atreides for 26 generations, it serves as Paul and Jessica's mental and emotional point of reference as they accommodate to the desert planet Arrakis (Dune).


The Fremen's basic weapon, it is ground from a sandworm's tooth and provides free passage to any sietch for any blue-eyed man.


It is the economic pillars of galactic civilization, having a monopoly on the sale of the geriatric spice melange.


It is the only place in the universe that is known to produce the spice melange.


These Desert-dwelling natives of Arrakis (Dune), are ferocious fighters (including women and children), perfectly adapted to their hostile environment.

Giedi Prime

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