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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bosola believes he is haunted by:
(a) The Duchess
(b) The father he never knew
(c) His dead mother
(d) The Duchess's children

2. What do the pilgrims think about what the Cardinal does to the Duchess and her family?
(a) That it is completely warranted.
(b) That it is cruel and out of proportion.
(c) That it should have happened a long time ago.
(d) All of these answers are correct.

3. What does the Cardinal ask Ancona to do?
(a) Deliver a letter to Rome.
(b) Banish the Duchess, her husband, and her children.
(c) Bless him and Ferdinand before their journey.
(d) Say a prayer that they will get more donations for the church.

4. How do Antonio and Delio decide to test the Cardinal's offer of reconciliation?
(a) They send back a letter to the Cardinal with a trick question.
(b) Delio will aks the Cardinal for Antonio's former palace.
(c) Antonio will put on a disguise and see what the townspeople have to say.
(d) Delio will ask Pescara for some of Antonio's former property.

5. Who kills Antonio?
(a) Bosola
(b) His own son
(c) The Cardinal
(d) Julia

6. What has happened to the number of the Duchess and Antonio's servants after Antonio and the Duchess leave Malfi?
(a) It has increased, because the Duchess received all of the Cardinal's old servants.
(b) It has decreased as the servants have fled.
(c) It has stayed more or less the same.
(d) It has increased as the servants took pity on them.

7. Which community members does Ferdinand round up as part of his sister's torture?
(a) Priests to remind her of her sins
(b) Local soldiers trained in physical torture
(c) Sick people from the village
(d) Madmen from the local hospital

8. How does Antonion feel about confronting the Cardinal with the hope of reconciliation?
(a) He takes a large army with him or protection.
(b) He is afraid, and needs to be encouraged by Delio.
(c) He has a feeling it will go badly.
(d) He is looking forward to the visit.

9. How is Julia murdered?
(a) She is strangled.
(b) She is drowned.
(c) She is stabbed.
(d) She kisses a poisoned book.

10. When the executioners enter the Duchess's chamber, what three items do they bring with them?
(a) A coffin, a small box for the Duchess's jewels, and her will
(b) A coffin, knives, and a sheet
(c) A coffin, a letter from the Cardinal, and a necklace with a cross on it
(d) A coffin, cords, and a bell

11. What kind of plot are the men planning when Act 3, Scene 3 first opens?
(a) A movie plot
(b) A romantic plot
(c) A gambling plot
(d) A military plot

12. Antonio says that he is glad to die when he hears the news of:
(a) The Cardinal being named pope.
(b) His son's plans to marry.
(c) The murder of his wife and children.
(d) The new king taking the throne.

13. During her imprisonment, what does the Duchess declare is the worst kind of torture?
(a) Sleep deprivation
(b) Being ignored
(c) Physical torture
(d) Emotional torture

14. What is the Duchess's last statement before she dies?
(a) "Forgive me."
(b) "I forgive you."
(c) "Antonio!"
(d) "Mercy."

15. Ancona is the name of:
(a) The Duchess's daughter.
(b) The Duchess's sister.
(c) The town the Duchess and her family are banished from.
(d) The Duchess's mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ferdinand tell Bosola to do in regards to the Duke of Malfi?

2. Act 3, Scene 3 is a scene with many characters discussing a minor plot while a few other characters -- including Delio -- are making side comments and observing Ferdinand and the Cardinal. Delio's comments convey that he:

3. When the Cardinal asks Bosola to kill Antonio, Bosola:

4. How does Ferdinand pay Bosola for murdering the Duchess?

5. What does Antonio think the Duchess's dream means?

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