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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is the Duchess murdered?
(a) By stabbing
(b) By strangulation
(c) By hanging
(d) By poison

2. Who murders Julia?
(a) Ferdinand
(b) The Cardinal
(c) Bosola
(d) Antonio

3. Who is the Duke of Malfi?
(a) The Duchess's son from her first marriage.
(b) The Cardinal's son.
(c) The ruler of their part of the country.
(d) Ferdinand's son who is away at war.

4. The Cardinal's career change is best described as:
(a) Very normal for someone of his wealth.
(b) Surprising
(c) A fantastic and unexpected promotion.
(d) Expected

5. When Antonio and the Duchess separate at the end of Act 3, Antonio takes with him:
(a) What little money they have left
(b) Their eldest son
(c) All of their children
(d) Their family crest

6. Which severed body part does Ferdinand give the Duchess during her imprisonment?
(a) A hand
(b) A head
(c) A leg
(d) A foot

7. Act 3, Scene 3 is a scene with many characters discussing a minor plot while a few other characters -- including Delio -- are making side comments and observing Ferdinand and the Cardinal. Delio's comments convey that he:
(a) Is beginning to respect the Cardinal, but not Ferdinand.
(b) Is beginning to respect Ferdinand, but not the Cardinal.
(c) Does not like or trust Ferdinand and the Cardinal.
(d) Is beginning to respect Ferdinand and the Cardinal.

8. What does Ferdinand tell Bosola to do in regards to the Duke of Malfi?
(a) Write to him.
(b) Advise him about the problems in the local government.
(c) Ask him for money for the upcoming war.
(d) Go and seek his religious counsel.

9. Antonio says that he is glad to die when he hears the news of:
(a) His son's plans to marry.
(b) The new king taking the throne.
(c) The murder of his wife and children.
(d) The Cardinal being named pope.

10. When Cariola is being murdered, she:
(a) Fights and struggles.
(b) Stabs herself before the executioners can get to her.
(c) Throws herself on the Duchess's dead body.
(d) Takes poison to die more quickly.

11. When the Duchess sees the fake scene, what does she express?
(a) She wishes she were dead.
(b) She will find a way to break free.
(c) She has already taken poison, and will die soon.
(d) She will love her brothers, no matter how cruel they are to her.

12. Antonio and Delio are talking in a public place about the Cardinal's proposed offer of reconciliation. What does Delio think of it?
(a) He knows it is fake, because he helped the Cardinal write it.
(b) He doubts its sincerity.
(c) He is unsure, and says he doesn't know how to counsel Antonio.
(d) He thinks the Cardinal is finally being genuine.

13. What has the Cardinal convinced the Pope to do with the Duchess's belongings?
(a) Burn them.
(b) Confiscate them.
(c) Sell them.
(d) Take them as a gift for the church.

14. Bosola learns of the Cardinal's plans to kill him by:
(a) The Cardinal told him directly.
(b) A letter Antonio sent him.
(c) Overhearing him.
(d) A dropped letter he found.

15. The Cardinal makes Pescara, Malateste, Roderigo, and Grisolan promise him something, so that he can dispose of Julia's body. What is it?
(a) That they will work to get him reinstated in the church.
(b) That they will not enter his room, no matter what sounds they hear.
(c) That they will leave the castle and never return.
(d) That they will go to church and pray for him through the night.

Short Answer Questions

1. Antonio says he does not want to live his life "by halves." What does this mean?

2. What position is the Cardinal resigning from?

3. When the Duchess is imprisoned, Ferdinand shows her a scene that she does not know is fake. What does the scene show?

4. Ancona is the name of:

5. What do the final comments from the pilgrims foreshadow?

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