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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What rumor is going around the castle and being told by the servants?
(a) That Bosola and the Duchess have secretly married.
(b) That a Swiss man was caught in the Duchess's chamber.
(c) That the Duchess has killed herself.
(d) That the Duchess has run away with a secret lover.

2. Antonio is worried about what with the Duchess's brothers?
(a) Their greed for Antonio's great wealth.
(b) Their reaction and lack of approval.
(c) Their reaction to not being invited to such a big event.
(d) Their reaction to how much money was spent on the party after the wedding.

3. What relationship do Julia and the Cardinal have?
(a) The Cardinal is Julia's priest.
(b) They are secret lovers.
(c) The Cardinal is Julia's father, but no one knows it.
(d) They are very old friends.

4. How does Delio react to Antonio's secret?
(a) With anger that Antonio hadn't told him before.
(b) With jealousy.
(c) With frustration at always being the last to know.
(d) With amazement, and a promise to keep Antonio's secret.

5. What causes Antonio to be suspicious of Bosola?
(a) How Bosola is dressed.
(b) The book Bosola is reading.
(c) Bosola's wandering around the palace after everyone was supposed to stay in their rooms.
(d) The lyrics of a song Bosola is singing

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Antonio think his sudden affliction is while he's speaking with Bosolo (when Antonio finds him out of his room)?

2. After Antonio confronts Bosola outside of the Duchess's room, what does he drop as he walks away from Bosola?

3. How does Bosola treat the old lady who he meets in Act 2, Scene 1?

4. What confirmed information does Bosola have in Act 2, Scene 2, that he didn't have before?

5. The Duchess thinks that her brothers' advice about remarrying:

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