The Duchess of Malfi Character Descriptions

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Antonio Bologna - This character is the steward, or the manager, of another character's palace. This character is widely known to be honest; and humbly accepts another character's proposal of marriage.

Daniel de Bosola - This character is a spy, is capable of great evil, and personally kills several other characters in the play.

The Cardinal - Despite working for the church, this character does not live a religious life or practice kindness and service to others. Other characters view this person as cold and calculating.

Cariola - This character is a trustworthy servant and the only witness to the play's secret marriage.

Delio - This person is always a faithful friend, who frequently serves as a sounding board for another character in the play.

The Duchess of Malfi - This character weds in secret, and is ultimately killed for disobeying the orders of two family...

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