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Short Answer Questions

1. Which sport do Farrington and his friends engage in to prove their strength?

2. To what school does Old Jack send his son?

3. Which Pope do the men of "Grace" commend as intellectual and highly admirable?

4. What does Mr. Kernan always wear when he is out in the city?

5. What does Mr. Duffy always carry while he walks?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the "plot" the Kernans' friends devise to bring some stability to Mr. Kernan's life?

2. What do Mr. Duffy and Mrs. Sinico do when they visit?

3. Describe Farrington's relationship with his family.

4. Describe the game that Maria plays with Joe's family and the neighbor girls.

5. In "A Painful Case," what is Mr. Duffy's daily routine?

6. Describe Little Chandler's appearance.

7. What happens when Farrington returns to his desk after the first time in the story Mr. Alleyne reprimands him?

8. What does the group of men in "Ivy Day in the Committee Room" meet to discuss?

9. What happens to ruin the relationship between Mr. Duffy and Mrs. Sinico?

10. What injury does Mr. Kernan sustain in "Grace"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the relationship between wealth and high culture in "After the Race." Which characters represent wealth? Which characters represent high culture? How do they relate to one another, and which one gets more out of the relationship? Defend your opinions thoroughly.

Essay Topic 2

Describe why you believe Joyce chose the title "Clay" for his story involving Maria and her trip to visit her good friends. Support your arguments with evidence from the story. Remember, you may argue any perspective that you believe to be true, as long as you can defend it well; therefore, you should not hesitate to stretch your critical thinking skills and consider subtle possibilities.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Father Flynn's faith in "The Sisters" with that of Father Purdon in "Grace." Given Father Purdon's sermon regarding keeping account books with God, how would he have responded if he had committed Father Flynn's fateful sin of dropping the chalice?

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