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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Counterparts".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What pet name did Frank used to call Eveline?
(a) Bobbie.
(b) Buttercup.
(c) Darling.
(d) Poppens.

2. What type of hat does Farrington wear while he walks to the pub?
(a) A plaid shepherd's cap.
(b) A baseball cap.
(c) A beret.
(d) A cowboy hat.

3. In "After the Race," where are the race cars going?
(a) Dublin.
(b) The English Channel.
(c) Norway.
(d) Belfast.

4. What food items does Mrs. Mooney lock up after breakfast?
(a) Ale and wine.
(b) Coffee and tea.
(c) Sugar and butter.
(d) Bacon and roast beef.

5. What name does Mr. Alleyne call Farrington after Farrington makes a snide remark?
(a) "Foolish waste of space."
(b) "Abominable, uneducated scum."
(c) "Impertinent ruffian."
(d) "Insubordinate lowlife."

Short Answer Questions

1. In "After the Race," which of the four men in the car is happy because of having had a good lunch?

2. Mr. Alleyne's accent signifies that he comes from where?

3. In what profession does Doyle's father became wealthy?

4. How many children does Farrington have?

5. Whose picture is above the harmonium in "Eveline"?

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