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This is the native language of Ireland, which everyone used before the British required them to speak English. This language represents Irish heritage and pride.

The Pledge

This is a promise that some people, including Freddy Malins in "The Dead," make to control their consumption of alcohol.

The League

This organization wants to prohibit the consumption of alcohol in order to slow the deterioration of Dublin's society.


A character in "Ivy Day in the Committee Room" recites a poem about this political figure, who was a strong advocate for Irish nationalism.


When marriages become violent or unbearable, this is a method of ending them without alienating the individuals from the Catholic Church.

The Pigeon House

This is the destination of the boys' adventure in "An Encounter."

North Richmond Street

This is where the narrator of "Araby" lives, from which vantage point he watches the goings-on...

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