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Gaelic - This is the native language of Ireland, which everyone used before the British required them to speak English. This language represents Irish heritage and pride.

The Pledge - This is a promise that some people, including Freddy Malins in "The Dead," make to control their consumption of alcohol.

The League - This organization wants to prohibit the consumption of alcohol in order to slow the deterioration of Dublin's society.

Parnell - A character in "Ivy Day in the Committee Room" recites a poem about this political figure, who was a strong advocate for Irish nationalism.

Separation - When marriages become violent or unbearable, this is a method of ending them without alienating the individuals from the Catholic Church.

The Pigeon House - This is the destination of the boys' adventure in "An Encounter."

North Richmond Street - This is where the narrator of "Araby" lives...

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