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Augusten Burroughs
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 8, why does Augusten not want to tell his psychiatrist about Foster?
(a) He does not like his psychiatrist.
(b) He might be sent back to rehab.
(c) He might be kicked out of group.
(d) He might get Foster in trouble.

2. What specific request do the Wiksam make regarding their ad campaign in Chapter 8?
(a) American imagery.
(b) Sexy women.
(c) German heritage.
(d) Beer steins.

3. What benchmark does Augusten reach in his sobriety in Chapter 7?
(a) 1 year.
(b) 30 days.
(c) 6 months.
(d) 90 days.

4. In Chapter 8, what does Pighead say he wishes he could change in his life?
(a) Realizing earlier how much he loved Augusten.
(b) Never having unprotected sex.
(c) Never moving to New York.
(d) Refusing to meet Augusten for dinner.

5. What magazine does Greer read as she and Augusten sit by the pool in Chapter 10?
(a) GQ.
(b) Town and Country.
(c) People.
(d) The New Republic.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Augusten tell at the beginning of Chapter 8 that he has almost slept with Foster?

2. Why does an actress pass out on the commercial set?

3. What happens when Augusten confronts Foster at the end of Chapter 8?

4. What did Hayden do instead of drinking in Chapter 9?

5. How much is Augusten charged for room incidentals in Chapter 10?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Augusten realize about Foster in Chapter 7?

2. What positive events happen to Augusten in Chapter 9?

3. In what state is Augusten on the day of Pighead's wake in Chapter 13?

4. To whom does Augusten confide about Foster in Chapter 9?

5. Why is dinner with the Nazi in Chapter 10 nearly unbearable for Augusten?

6. What sort of harassment is Augusten facing at work?

7. Describe the commercial shoot in Chapter 10.

8. Why does the beer account prove more difficult than Augusten expected?

9. How does Pighead look when Augusten sees him in Chapter 11?

10. What miscommunication happens with the minibar in Chapter 10?

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