Drums of Autumn Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Diana Gabaldon
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Essay Topic 1

Who is Claire Fraser? How did she happen to travel in time? How has time travel impacted her life? Why did Claire return her daughter to her own time? Why did Claire return to the 1700s? What kind of life does Claire have in the 1700s? How is it different from her previous life in the 1940s? How has Claire adjusted to this new time period?

Essay Topic 2

Who is Jamie Fraser? Why does he move to America? Why does he he turn down the offer to run River Run? Why does he decide to create a new community? What does Jamie hope to get from this community? What kind of a man is Jamie Fraser? How does the reader learn about his motives and his ambitions? How does Jamie treat his family members? Why did Jamie leave Inverness?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss one of the following...

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