Drums of Autumn Character Descriptions

Diana Gabaldon
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Claire Fraser

This character is an English citizen in the 1940s who travels back in time. This person has great healing powers and makes the choice to return to the past and remain there for life.

Jamie Fraser

This character was born and raised in Scotland as a farmer, but becomes a warrior for religious freedom. This character moves to America and begins a community in the mountains that reinvents the sense of kin and camaraderie common in Scotland.

Brianna Fraser/Randall

This character is a stubborn, determined person who takes huge risks by traveling into the past alone. As a result of these decisions, this character suffers a terrible assault.

Roger Mackenzie/Wakefield

This character suffers the loss of a parent. While cleaning out an adoptive father's house, this character finds information that could change the life of the person he loves.

Ian Murray

This character begins...

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