Objects & Places from Drowning Ruth

Christina Schwarz
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This location holds four main venues that include a train station, a Bait and Tackle shop, a Post Office, and the Starkey family farm.

Appleton, IL

This place is located near the hospital where Amanda Starkey works as a nurse.

Brown's Business College

This place is run by young Mr. Brown and old Mr. Brown.

Chicago, IL

This place is where Imogene and Ruth plan to go to seek their fortune in advertising.

Lakeridge School

This is the name of the elementary school where Imogene befriends Ruth.

Madison, IL

This place is where Amanda Starkey attends nursing school.

Milwaukee, WI

This place houses a veterans hospital that stinks of gangrenous flesh, vomit, ammonia, and burned oatmeal.

Nashotah, WI

This place is home to the fictitious and tragic mother of Imogene.

Oconomowoc, WI

This location holds the charity, Precious Blood Children's Home, in honor of Mathilda.

Rebecca Rae

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