Drowning Ruth Character Descriptions

Christina Schwarz
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Ruth Sapphira Neumann

This character is saved from drowning and grows up under the smothering care of an aunt.

Amanda (Mandy) Starkey

This character is tall, clumsy, and awkward and is known for being mentally unstable.

Mathilda (Mattie née Starkey) Neumann

This character meets her husband at a Fourth of July parade and ends up drowning when falling through frozen ice.

Carl Neumann

This character is disliked by in-laws and enlists in the U.S. Army during WWI.

Eliza Fox

This character attends a boarding house full of unmarried nurses. The character is known for rereading the novel, Jennie Gerhardt.

Hilda Grossman

This person is said to be strict, serious, and humorless. The character agrees to help care for a child when their true caregiver is institutionalized.

Bobby Hanser and Harold Koch

These characters are members of a yacht club and race their graceful A-boats.

Sheriff Cyrus Kuhtz

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