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Junot Díaz
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Eight, "How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl or Halfie".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the only thing a local girl will allow you to do?
(a) Massage her
(b) Touch her
(c) Kiss her
(d) Tickle her

2. What does Rafa cal his father's beatings?
(a) The hand of God
(b) The devil's hand
(c) A learning curve
(d) Collateral damage

3. What do Howie's mutts like to tear to shreds?
(a) People
(b) Hedgehogs
(c) Other dogs
(d) Cats

4. What does Yunior say the couple never fight over?
(a) Adultery
(b) Children
(c) Money
(d) Religion

5. Where will a halfie say her parents met?
(a) At Woodstock
(b) In the Movement
(c) In a refugee camp
(d) On holiday

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of game is selo?

2. What does the aunt tell the narrator to do when he has finished eating?

3. What does the narrator say before he throws up?

4. Where does Yunior say to put the basket with all the crapped on toilet paper?

5. What does Yunior say he now does instead of shoplifting?

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