Objects & Places from Drown

Junot Díaz
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This is the town in the Dominican Republic where the first of the stories begin, where Yunior spends the first years of his life.

The Colmado

This is the name of the neighborhood corner market where people can buy sodas, groceries, cigarettes, magazines, and any number of items. The children love the place.

The Chocolate Factory

Referred to but never actually shown, this is where Mami works for many hours a day, all for less than a living wage.

Mauricio Baez

This is the school the boys attend. They are too poor to have uniforms or books and are considered to be low-class, second-class students.

The City Pool

Poor kids from the neighborhood scale the fence and swim here for free.

The Apartment

In "Boyfriend," Yunior lives in here with walls so thin that he can eavesdrop on his neighbors, following the affair and breakup of a...

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