Daily Lessons for Teaching Drown

Junot Díaz
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter One, "Ysrael")


When Ysrael was a baby, a pig forced himself into the house and ate Ysrael's face. Since then he has had to wear a mask to cover his disfigurement.

The aim of this lesson is to examine the character of Ysrael.


1) With the students decide what they think Ysrael's life goal is. Divide the students into pairs and ask them to design a diagram that shows the different stages that Ysrael will have to complete to work towards his goal and how he can get back on track when he makes a mistake.

2) Divide the students into pairs. One member of the pair should be Ysrael as a child and the other member of the pair should be Ysrael as an adult. The aim of the pair is to think of a subject that relates to the book, for example poverty in the Dominican Reublic...

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