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Harlan Coben
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Myron find the 14-year-old Janet?
(a) Behind the curtain in Pavel's room.
(b) Hiding under the bed in Pavel's room.
(c) Locked in the locker room at the Pavel's academy.
(d) Locked in the bathroom of Pavel's room.

2. What does Myron tell Jimmy Blaine about Curtis' shooting?
(a) That Curtis had not killed Alexander.
(b) That Jimmy did not kill Curtis.
(c) That Curtis deserved to be killed.
(d) That Curtis' mother saved him.

3. What does Dr. Abramson ask Myron about while she is watching the tennis match as he enters her home?
(a) Myron's relationship with Jessica.
(b) If Win is single.
(c) How long Duane has been his client.
(d) If he knows that Duane and Valerie had an affair.

4. What does Duane like to do before a match?
(a) Meditate.
(b) Hang out with a lot of people.
(c) Speak only with his coach.
(d) Spend time alone with Wanda.

5. Why does Myron joke about his barber with Frank?
(a) Frank was joking about Myron's hair cut.
(b) Frank wanted to use Myron's barber.
(c) Frank was too serious about Pavel's death.
(d) Frank just threatened his parents.

6. Who killed Errol?
(a) Jimmy Blaine.
(b) Valerie.
(c) A hit man.
(d) The Secret Service.

7. How does Helen respond when Myron tells her that Pavel abused her daughter?
(a) She is outraged and wants revenge.
(b) She states that no such thing happened or she would have known.
(c) She is indifferent, stating that is was just an affair.
(d) She is outraged and wants to call the police.

8. Why does Myron want to see Pavel so early the morning after Jessica's attack?
(a) He wants to tell Pavel that the police are blaming him for Jessica's attack.
(b) He wants to warn Pavel against Frank.
(c) He wants revenge for Jessica.
(d) He believes he will catch Pavel off guard.

9. How does Myron know what room number Jessica was in at the hotel?
(a) Aaron told him he was being intimidating.
(b) Jessica's mother told him.
(c) Win found out in his investigation.
(d) He investigated it himself to check on her.

10. What question does Jessica pose to Myron concerning Alexander Cross when he finally gets to visit with her?
(a) Were Swade and Yeller scapegoats?
(b) Was Duane involved?
(c) Did Valerie want her boyfriend dead?
(d) Was Pavel involved?

11. What piece of information helped Myron put all the pieces of the case together?
(a) Jimmy Blaine's statement about the driver.
(b) Duane's statement about tennis.
(c) Dr. Abramson's statement about Valerie.
(d) Jake's statement about the autopsy.

12. How old were Valerie and Eddie when they met at Pavel's tennis camp?
(a) 14 and 10 respectively.
(b) 10 and 14 respectively.
(c) 16 and 9 respectively.
(d) 9 and 16 respectively.

13. What does Myron offer to Eddie after their talk in the locker room?
(a) More money.
(b) To convince Eddie's parents to sign with Myron.
(c) A better contract.
(d) Tickets to the Yankee game.

14. What was the one thug wearing on his head when he jumped out of Frank's limo?
(a) A Yankee's cap.
(b) A turban.
(c) A beret.
(d) A cowboy hat.

15. What does Eddie say about his parent's opinion of his deciding to sign with Myron?
(a) Their opinion does not matter.
(b) They are happy.
(c) They are angry.
(d) They think it is foolish.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lucinda Elright tell Myron about Curtis?

2. What words does Myron use to tell Jessica how he feels about her when he finally gets to see her after her return?

3. What does Gregory finally tell Myron about Errol and Curtis and the night of Alexander's murder?

4. What secret does Myron intend to keep?

5. What does Billy keep asking Myron for at the scene of the accident?

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