Daily Lessons for Teaching Drop Shot

Harlan Coben
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


Chapters 1-5

High profile, élite athletes and agents potentially involved in a murder begin this novel. Two wealthy gentlemen attend the U.S. Open when an ex-tennis player is shot to death near the concession stands. The objective of this lesson is to determine the tone of the novel.


1.) Class Discussion: What is the opening setting? What is taking place? Who is in attendance? Why are Myron and Win at the US Open? What occurs near the concession stand during the US open? What class of people is the story about? How will involvement of the upper class complicate the murder investigation? What tone results from these events?

2). Poll: Who believes that the élite's involvement make this murder case more complicated? In what way? Why would it be easier if it were the middle class? How is the tone of the élite different from other...

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