Drop Shot Character Descriptions

Harlan Coben
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Myron Bolitar

This character is a sports agent in their early thirties who believes that the truth will set free those involved in a murder.

Duane Richwood

This character is a twenty-something African-American who stunned the tennis world by rising through the ranks and becoming one of the top ten players in the country.

Winsor Horne Lockwood III

This character is wealthy and intelligent, yet a loner, letting very few people into an inner circle of friends.

Valerie Simpson

This character fell from the limelight of the tennis world after suffering a breakdown.

Jessica Culver

This character is a writer.

Esperanza Diaz

This character is a former wrestler who now researches information while attending law school at night.

Ned Tunwell

This character is an advertising executive for Nike.

Roland Dimonte

This character is the police detective investigating the murder.


This character is involved with the rising tennis...

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