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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time will Lanyon's guest arrive?
(a) Midnight
(b) 10 P.M.
(c) 2 A.M.
(d) Noon

2. Jekyll compares the side effect of the medicine to...
(a) An erupting volcano
(b) Smoke in the wind
(c) A caged lion
(d) Captives of Philippi

3. What happens after Jekyll returns to the house?
(a) Utterson and Enfield leave
(b) The men contact Poole for help
(c) Utterson shouts for Jekyll to return
(d) Utterson calls for police

4. How does Utterson handle being shut out from Jekyll's life?
(a) Utterson gives up
(b) Utterson makes angry phone calls
(c) Utterson writes a letter to Jekyll
(d) Utterson goes to Jekyll's house every day

5. Where was Jekyll's secondary home?
(a) High Street
(b) SoHo
(c) Buckingham Palace
(d) Cavendish Square

Short Answer Questions

1. Which phrase does Jekyll use to describe himself?

2. Jekyll tells Utterson he will live a life of...

3. How long has it been since the change in Jekyll's behavior?

4. On what topic did Lanyon and Jekyll always differ?

5. To what was Jekyll committed?

Short Essay Questions

1. The author makes it clear that Hyde was a metaphor. What did Hyde represent?

2. Why was Utterson hesitant to bring up Lanyon's failing health?

3. Poole is frantic when he visits Utterson. How does Utterson respond to Poole's concerns?

4. Jekyll has become desperate and continually begs for relief. Jekyll has been crying day and night over the lack of what item?

5. How long has Jekyll's strange behavior been going on?

6. Why was Utterson so confused by Jekyll's return to seclusion?

7. What was the first major change Jekyll noticed about his body in regard to Hyde?

8. Lanyon made it clear that certain subjects were off the table. Why did Lanyon not want to discuss Jekyll?

9. Why does Jekyll send a letter to Lanyon?

10. Utterson and Enfield take a walk and decide to pay a visit to Jekyll. What time of day is it when the men visit Jekyll?

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