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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the dinner guests have in common?
(a) They all liked Sherlock Holmes
(b) They all liked wine
(c) All were doctors
(d) All were 50 years old

2. Mr. Enfield has a rule about what?
(a) Asking questions
(b) Giving advice
(c) Smoking in public
(d) Crossing against a light

3. What term does Lanyon use to describe Jekyll's experiments?
(a) Criminal
(b) Scientific heresies
(c) A waste of time
(d) Insane

4. What is the name of Jekyll's lawyer?
(a) Patterson
(b) Enfield
(c) Juggernaut
(d) Utterson

5. What is Hyde's first name?
(a) Edwin
(b) Elvin
(c) Edgar
(d) Edward

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the initial thought regarding the stranger's relationship with Jekyll?

2. What does Utterson believe were Hyde's intentions?

3. What is the name of the stranger?

4. If science is related to intellect than heresy is related to

5. What color was the victim's hair?

Short Essay Questions

1. The police take detailed information about the crime with the child. When was the stranger first seen?

2. Why does Utterson pay a visit to Dr. Lanyon?

3. A stranger on the street attracted the attention of many bystanders, including Mr. Enfield. Why was Mr. Enfield shocked by the stranger?

4. Utterson and Jekyll manage to get some time alone at the end of the evening. What topic did Utterson broach with Jekyll?

5. The street was deserted when the murder took place. How was the murderer first identified?

6. What was the condition of Hyde's house when it was inspected?

7. Utterson is relieved but not reassured by Jekyll's promise to never do something ever again. What does Jekyll say he would never do again?

8. What is the butler's response when Utterson asks him about Hyde?

9. A maid sitting in an upstairs window witnesses the murder of Sir Carew. Why did the maid wait so long to contact the police?

10. Utterson and Enfield were discussing Jekyll but Enfield would not speak the doctor's name aloud. Why did Enfield refuse to reveal Jekyll's name?

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