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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Hyde dictate for Jekyll?
(a) Experiments
(b) Will
(c) Lease
(d) Dinner menu

2. Who witnessed the murder?
(a) Utterson
(b) The butler
(c) A maid
(d) The Constable

3. What are the servants' orders in regard to Hyde?
(a) The servants do not know Hyde exists
(b) The servants have been ordered to ignore Hyde
(c) There are no servants
(d) The servants are expected to obey Hyde

4. How was the victim killed?
(a) Strangled
(b) Run over
(c) Beaten
(d) Stabbed

5. What does Utterson believe were Hyde's intentions?
(a) To embezzle Jekyll's fortune
(b) To become royalty
(c) To murder Jekyll
(d) To become a scientist

Short Answer Questions

1. Who narrates the chapter?

2. What topic does Utterson broach when he is finally alone with Jekyll?

3. How did the police intend to capture Hyde?

4. What is Hyde's first name?

5. What does Hyde say when Utterson asks to be let into the house?

Short Essay Questions

1. The street was deserted when the murder took place. How was the murderer first identified?

2. A stranger on the street attracted the attention of many bystanders, including Mr. Enfield. Why was Mr. Enfield shocked by the stranger?

3. What object cemented Utterson's theory that the murderer was Hyde?

4. Utterson is relieved but not reassured by Jekyll's promise to never do something ever again. What does Jekyll say he would never do again?

5. The traumatized family received money for their troubles. Who wrote the check?

6. As a friend and attorney, Utterson frequently helped Jekyll with legal matters. Why is Utterson disturbed by Jekyll's will?

7. G.J. Utterson is a lawyer who appears in the first part of the book. Given Utterson's occupation, what is unusual about his behavior?

8. Utterson and Newcomen visit Hyde's SoHo residence. What was strange about Hyde's servants' observations?

9. Utterson is restless and decides that he must go immediately to Jekyll's house. Why does Utterson go to Jekyll's house?

10. Utterson visits Jekyll and is shown the note from Hyde. What does Jekyll lie to Utterson about?

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