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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What promise does Jekyll extract from Utterson?
(a) That Utterson will leave town
(b) That Utterson will never speak to Hyde again
(c) That Utterson should never return to Jekyll's house
(d) That Utterson will sign the will

2. How much money does the girl's family get?
(a) £100
(b) £1000
(c) £25
(d) £500

3. What was the name of the victim?
(a) Carey
(b) Carruthers
(c) Carlson
(d) Carew

4. What is the occasion for the meeting?
(a) Casual get-together
(b) Dinner party
(c) Business meeting
(d) Accidental meeting

5. How was the victim killed?
(a) Run over
(b) Beaten
(c) Stabbed
(d) Strangled

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Utterson believe were Hyde's intentions?

2. What does Hyde say when Utterson asks to be let into the house?

3. Which of these words is not used to describe Hyde?

4. How did Enfield describe Hyde to Utterson?

5. What does Utterson suspect the relationship is between Jekyll and Hyde?

Short Essay Questions

1. Jekyll presents a strong argument for Utterson to respect his wishes regarding the will. What causes Utterson to finally concede to Jekyll's will?

2. The traumatized family received money for their troubles. Who wrote the check?

3. As Utterson and Jekyll speak, Utterson notices a drastic change in his friend's demeanor. What causes Jekyll to turn pale?

4. Utterson attempts to speak with Jekyll about his isolation and obvious distress. What does Jekyll refuse to talk about?

5. Although Utterson was a quiet man who was not prone to being the center of attention, people seemed to flock to him. Why did people like to be in Utterson's company?

6. What was the condition of Hyde's house when it was inspected?

7. Utterson and Enfield come upon a building with no windows and a mysterious door. What is so strange about the door?

8. What was Utterson's issue with Jekyll's legal business?

9. Utterson visits Jekyll and is shown the note from Hyde. What does Jekyll lie to Utterson about?

10. Utterson and Lanyon are relieved when Jekyll takes a break from his ongoing isolation. Who was invited to dinner at Jekyll's house?

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