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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Poole have to go on a daily basis?
(a) Doctor's office
(b) Chemist's
(c) Hyde's house
(d) Cemetery

2. How does Jekyll react to Utterson's visit?
(a) Jekyll is sad
(b) Jekyll is pleased to see Utterson
(c) Jekyll does not seem to notice the interruption
(d) Jekyll is annoyed at the interruption

3. What was the deadline for Jekyll returning to his former state?
(a) Sunset
(b) Lunchtime
(c) Daylight
(d) Winter

4. What day of the week does Utterson finally see Jekyll?
(a) Tuesday
(b) Monday
(c) Saturday
(d) Sunday

5. What does Utterson suggest Jekyll bring along on their walk?
(a) An umbrella
(b) A cane
(c) A coat
(d) A hat

6. What happens repeatedly when Utterson visits Jekyll?
(a) Jekyll falls ill
(b) Utterson is denied admittance
(c) The men argue
(d) Utterson is invited to the lab

7. Who is with Utterson when he sees Jekyll?
(a) Poole
(b) Enfield
(c) Newcomen
(d) No one

8. Lanyon tells Utterson that he will tell the truth about Jekyll after what event?
(a) After he dies
(b) After Utterson takes an oath
(c) After Hyde is in jail
(d) After Jekyll dies

9. What was the only common factor between Jekyll and Hyde?
(a) Loyalty
(b) Intelligence
(c) Selfishness
(d) Memory

10. Jekyll compares the side effect of the medicine to...
(a) A caged lion
(b) An erupting volcano
(c) Smoke in the wind
(d) Captives of Philippi

11. On what day did Lanyon receive the letter from Jekyll?
(a) January 12
(b) January 9
(c) February 3
(d) March 7

12. What have Jekyll and Lanyon decided?
(a) To forgive one another
(b) To form a new business
(c) To never see each other again
(d) To forget the past

13. What items did Jekyll immediately destroy?
(a) Hyde's clothes
(b) Hyde's house
(c) The lab
(d) Papers

14. Utterson tells Enfield that his first sighting of Hyde made him feel...
(a) Resentment
(b) Repulsion
(c) Curiosity
(d) Fear

15. What activity does Utterson suggest to Jekyll?
(a) Going on a vacation
(b) Walking
(c) Sleeping
(d) Moving away from London

Short Answer Questions

1. How long has Poole worked for Jekyll?

2. What do Utterson and Enfield talk about as they leave Jekyll's house?

3. Who begins to weep at the site of Utterson?

4. How does Utterson intend to see Jekyll?

5. What did Lanyon leave behind for Utterson?

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