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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Poole think has happened to Jekyll?
(a) Jekyll and Hyde have reunited
(b) Jekyll has fallen ill
(c) Jekyll has gone insane
(d) There has been foul play

2. What behavior did Lanyon find unacceptable?
(a) Hyde's lack of manners
(b) Jekyll's insinuations
(c) Making a house call late in the evening
(d) Enfield's excitement

3. What day of the week does Utterson finally see Jekyll?
(a) Monday
(b) Saturday
(c) Tuesday
(d) Sunday

4. How does Utterson react to the news?
(a) Utterson goes to Jekyll's house
(b) Utterson calls the police
(c) Utterson writes off the news as hysteria
(d) Utterson weeps

5. How does Jekyll react upon hearing the news that Utterson has arrived?
(a) Jekyll runs away
(b) Jekyll refuses to answer the door
(c) Jekyll gratefully receives Utterson
(d) Jekyll refuses to see Utterson

6. What has changed with Dr. Lanyon?
(a) He has gained weight
(b) He refuses to see Utterson
(c) He has retired
(d) He is dying

7. What is the new observation about Hyde's door?
(a) There is crime scene tape across it
(b) It has been painted
(c) It has been barred
(d) It leads to Jekyll's house

8. What have Jekyll and Lanyon decided?
(a) To forgive one another
(b) To never see each other again
(c) To form a new business
(d) To forget the past

9. What was the only common factor between Jekyll and Hyde?
(a) Intelligence
(b) Memory
(c) Selfishness
(d) Loyalty

10. What did Lanyon leave behind for Utterson?
(a) His dog
(b) 1000 pounds
(c) A personal letter
(d) Nothing

11. Who is with Utterson when he sees Jekyll?
(a) Poole
(b) Enfield
(c) Newcomen
(d) No one

12. What color is not associated with the potions?
(a) Purple
(b) Green
(c) Red
(d) Black

13. Jekyll no longer feared the gallows. Instead, he came to fear...
(a) Losing his family fortune
(b) Becoming Hyde
(c) Alienating his friends
(d) Disappearing into thin air

14. What does Utterson find in Jekyll's office?
(a) Rusted surgical tools
(b) Letter
(c) Corpse
(d) Broken glass

15. What became Jekyll's ultimate goal?
(a) Two separate the two sides of man
(b) To become a highly respected scientist
(c) To write a novel
(d) To understand God

Short Answer Questions

1. To what was Jekyll committed?

2. The author claims that "It is one thing to mortify curiosity and another to..."

3. What does Utterson suggest Jekyll bring along on their walk?

4. What activity does Utterson suggest to Jekyll?

5. Utterson compares Jekyll to...

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