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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jekyll react to the terror?
(a) He screams
(b) He begs for help
(c) He begins to cry
(d) He goes back inside

2. Where was Jekyll's secondary home?
(a) Buckingham Palace
(b) High Street
(c) Cavendish Square
(d) SoHo

3. What was the deadline for Jekyll returning to his former state?
(a) Sunset
(b) Daylight
(c) Lunchtime
(d) Winter

4. How did Utterson know the object was authentic?
(a) It looked authentic
(b) Lanyon's personal seal
(c) It contained Lanyon's signature
(d) It was hand delivered

5. Utterson compares Jekyll to...
(a) A disconsolate prisoner
(b) A cheerful maiden
(c) His old school friend
(d) A grieving widow

6. Hyde was on the border of becoming...
(a) Enraged
(b) Violent
(c) Philosophical
(d) Hysterical

7. What effects do the potions cause?
(a) They make Lanyon sick
(b) They change Hyde into Jekyll
(c) They change Hyde into a handsome prince
(d) They burn a hole in the carpet

8. How did Hyde's absence affect Jekyll?
(a) Jekyll became withdrawn
(b) Jekyll became his old self
(c) Nothing changed
(d) Jekyll changed as well

9. Who begins to weep at the site of Utterson?
(a) The maid
(b) Jekyll
(c) The cook
(d) Poole

10. How does Utterson react to the news?
(a) Utterson goes to Jekyll's house
(b) Utterson writes off the news as hysteria
(c) Utterson weeps
(d) Utterson calls the police

11. What does Jekyll say about his depression?
(a) That it won't last long
(b) That he is resigned to it
(c) That he has sought help
(d) That it has been lifted

12. Where does Poole have to go on a daily basis?
(a) Doctor's office
(b) Chemist's
(c) Hyde's house
(d) Cemetery

13. What was the first physical characteristic Jekyll noticed about Hyde?
(a) Hands
(b) Eyes
(c) Face
(d) Feet

14. Who visits Utterson at his home?
(a) Newcomen
(b) Enfield
(c) Poole
(d) Jekyll

15. What items did Jekyll immediately destroy?
(a) Hyde's house
(b) The lab
(c) Hyde's clothes
(d) Papers

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Poole think has happened to Jekyll?

2. How does Jekyll refer to the murder of Carew?

3. What day of the week does Utterson finally see Jekyll?

4. How did Utterson respond to Jekyll's increased seclusion?

5. What has changed with Dr. Lanyon?

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