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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When is Hyde first spotted?
(a) Midnight
(b) 8 A.M.
(c) 1 P.M.
(d) 3 A.M.

2. Lanyon feels what has happened to Jekyll?
(a) Jekyll is seriously ill
(b) Jekyll has been abducted
(c) Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll
(d) Jekyll has gone mad

3. Who narrates the chapter?
(a) Hyde
(b) Reilly
(c) Utterson
(d) Igor

4. Who did the stranger terrorize?
(a) Hyde
(b) Dog
(c) Little Girl
(d) Enfield

5. What does Hyde say when Utterson asks to be let into the house?
(a) Dr. Jekyll is away
(b) Dr. Jekyll is very ill
(c) Hyde ignores Utterson
(d) Utterson has the wrong house

6. What might come out at Hyde's trial?
(a) Jekyll and Hyde's relationship
(b) Jekyll's name
(c) Murder
(d) Past crimes

7. Mr. Enfield has a rule about what?
(a) Asking questions
(b) Smoking in public
(c) Crossing against a light
(d) Giving advice

8. Who is the beneficiary of Jekyll's will?
(a) Orphanage
(b) Hyde
(c) His dog
(d) Utterson

9. What is the occasion for the meeting?
(a) Dinner party
(b) Accidental meeting
(c) Casual get-together
(d) Business meeting

10. What was the name of the victim?
(a) Carey
(b) Carlson
(c) Carruthers
(d) Carew

11. Who has a copy of Jekyll's will?
(a) Renfield
(b) Reilly
(c) Utterson
(d) Hyde

12. Approximately how much time passed before the murder took place?
(a) Two years
(b) Three months
(c) Six months
(d) One year

13. Who admitted Utterson to Jekyll's house?
(a) Jekyll
(b) Poole
(c) The maid
(d) Newcomen

14. Where do the old friends meet?
(a) On the street
(b) Jekyll's laboratory
(c) Jekyll's house
(d) Utterson's office

15. What trait is highly sought after in the time of the book?
(a) Having money
(b) Respectability
(c) Cunning
(d) Honesty

Short Answer Questions

1. Who identified the victim?

2. Who are Jekyll's two oldest friends?

3. What does Utterson believe were Hyde's intentions?

4. To whom does Utterson speak about Jekyll?

5. What evidence does Jekyll give to Utterson?

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