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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the noise heard by the maid?
(a) Cursing
(b) Crying
(c) Bones shattering
(d) Screaming

2. What emotion does Hyde inspire?
(a) Revulsion
(b) Anger
(c) Pity
(d) Fear

3. What is Hyde's first name?
(a) Edwin
(b) Elvin
(c) Edward
(d) Edgar

4. Who narrates the chapter?
(a) Reilly
(b) Utterson
(c) Hyde
(d) Igor

5. Where did Hyde live?
(a) SoHo
(b) Piccadilly Circus
(c) West End
(d) Cavendish Square

6. Who accompanied Utterson to Hyde's house?
(a) Inspector Newcomen
(b) Constable Scott
(c) Sergeant Schultz
(d) Police Chief Danvers

7. What is the name of Jekyll's lawyer?
(a) Enfield
(b) Juggernaut
(c) Utterson
(d) Patterson

8. What is Utterson's impression of Hyde?
(a) That Enfield was completely wrong about the man
(b) That the man is almost inhuman
(c) That Hyde seems like a nice gent
(d) That there is no reason to worry about Jekyll

9. Why does Jekyll apologize for Hyde?
(a) Hyde did not call on Utterson
(b) Because he was rude
(c) Utterson was afraid
(d) Hyde refused to speak

10. Which of these was not located near Hyde's house?
(a) French eatery
(b) Retail shop
(c) Utterson's office
(d) Gin palace

11. Mr. Enfield has a rule about what?
(a) Giving advice
(b) Smoking in public
(c) Crossing against a light
(d) Asking questions

12. If science is related to intellect than heresy is related to
(a) Religion
(b) Intuition
(c) Proven fact
(d) Emotional stability

13. Who is the beneficiary of Jekyll's will?
(a) Orphanage
(b) Utterson
(c) Hyde
(d) His dog

14. Who are Jekyll's two oldest friends?
(a) Lanyon and Enfield
(b) Hyde and Poole
(c) Utterson and Hyde
(d) Utterson and Lanyon

15. Lanyon feels what has happened to Jekyll?
(a) Jekyll is seriously ill
(b) Jekyll has gone mad
(c) Jekyll has been abducted
(d) Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll

Short Answer Questions

1. What object did Hyde carry?

2. How long is it before Utterson sees Jekyll?

3. Which of these words is not used to describe Hyde?

4. How much money does the girl's family get?

5. What should happen if Jekyll disappears?

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