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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Henry Jekyll's Full Statement of the Case.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Hyde's response when Utterson claims they have a mutual friend?
(a) Hyde accuses Utterson of lying
(b) Hyde denies knowing the mutual friend
(c) Hyde ignores Utterson
(d) The conversation is interrupted

2. How does Jekyll hear about the murder?
(a) Utterson
(b) Lanyon
(c) Police
(d) People in the square

3. On what topic did Lanyon and Jekyll always differ?
(a) Scientific questions
(b) Sports
(c) Professional ethics
(d) Religion

4. What object did Hyde carry?
(a) Handkerchief
(b) Cane
(c) Gun
(d) Umbrella

5. What's the name of Utterson's clerk?
(a) Guest
(b) Higgins
(c) George
(d) Henry

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens repeatedly when Utterson visits Jekyll?

2. Who narrates the chapter?

3. What is Jekyll's title?

4. Jekyll refers to Lanyon as being...

5. What evidence does Jekyll give to Utterson?

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