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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Incident at the Window.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has a copy of Jekyll's will?
(a) Reilly
(b) Utterson
(c) Hyde
(d) Renfield

2. What is the name of the stranger?
(a) Frank
(b) Hyde
(c) Jekyll
(d) Utterson

3. What have Jekyll and Lanyon decided?
(a) To never see each other again
(b) To forgive one another
(c) To forget the past
(d) To form a new business

4. What is Utterson's impression of Hyde?
(a) That Enfield was completely wrong about the man
(b) That there is no reason to worry about Jekyll
(c) That Hyde seems like a nice gent
(d) That the man is almost inhuman

5. Where did Hyde live?
(a) Piccadilly Circus
(b) West End
(c) SoHo
(d) Cavendish Square

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens after Jekyll returns to the house?

2. What does Jekyll lie about?

3. Jekyll refers to Lanyon as being...

4. When is Hyde first spotted?

5. What was used as the murder weapon?

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