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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Dr. Lanyon's Narrative.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jekyll describe his quarrel with Lanyon?
(a) Forgivable
(b) Mystifying
(c) Pointless
(d) Incurable

2. Who are Jekyll's two oldest friends?
(a) Utterson and Lanyon
(b) Lanyon and Enfield
(c) Hyde and Poole
(d) Utterson and Hyde

3. What does Jekyll say about his depression?
(a) That he is resigned to it
(b) That it won't last long
(c) That it has been lifted
(d) That he has sought help

4. What was the main question on Lanyon's mind?
(a) Why the scientific entries stopped one year ago
(b) Why Jekyll could not go to the lab himself
(c) Where Lanyon confined Utterson
(d) What secrets Jekyll had been keeping from him

5. How does Jekyll react to Utterson's visit?
(a) Jekyll is sad
(b) Jekyll does not seem to notice the interruption
(c) Jekyll is annoyed at the interruption
(d) Jekyll is pleased to see Utterson

Short Answer Questions

1. The clerk compares which two items?

2. Who did the stranger terrorize?

3. What time of day is it when Utterson spots Jekyll?

4. The clerk possessed what special skill?

5. What topic does Utterson broach when he is finally alone with Jekyll?

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