Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Story of the Door

1. What is the name of Jekyll's lawyer?
(a) Enfield
(b) Juggernaut
(c) Utterson
(d) Patterson

2. What is the name of the lawyer's friend?
(a) Enfield
(b) Utterson
(c) Reilly
(d) Hyde

3. Who did the stranger terrorize?
(a) Little Girl
(b) Enfield
(c) Hyde
(d) Dog

4. What strange object captures the eyes of the friends as they walk down the street?
(a) Bicycle
(b) Door
(c) Dog
(d) Post box

5. When is Hyde first spotted?
(a) 3 A.M.
(b) 8 A.M.
(c) Midnight
(d) 1 P.M.

6. The stranger reminds the man of whom?
(a) Satan
(b) The constable
(c) Santa Claus
(d) His father

7. How much money does the girl's family get?
(a) £1000
(b) £100
(c) £25
(d) £500

8. How is the money paid?
(a) Sterling
(b) Pounds
(c) Cashier's check
(d) Gold coins and a check

9. Mr. Enfield has a rule about what?
(a) Giving advice
(b) Crossing against a light
(c) Asking questions
(d) Smoking in public

10. What is the name of the stranger?
(a) Frank
(b) Jekyll
(c) Hyde
(d) Utterson

11. What word is used to describe the condition of the building?
(a) Unkempt
(b) Sad
(c) Sinister
(d) Happy

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