Daily Lessons for Teaching Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Lesson 1 (from Story of the Door)


Observing behavior

Mr. Enfield is shocked when he sees the stranger run over the little girl. The move was cruel and the child was left traumatized and terrified.


1. As a class discuss how you might have helped the girl. What if you had been the one trampled? Why did the stranger do it?

2. In the case of the little girl, the family was awarded 100 pounds for the incident, which was paid in gold coins and with a check issued by Jekyll.

In small groups discuss an incident in which you were traumatized by another person. What happened? How was it resolved?

3. Even though it was dark when Enfield saw the stranger, he took great care to observe the man's appearance as well as what was going on around them.

Homework: spend an afternoon in a public place and observe how people act in accordance with...

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