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Story of the Door

• Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield walk throughout London on a Sunday afternoon.

• The two men notice a strange looking door attached to a sinister building.
• Enfield tells Utterson a strange story about the door.

• The reader is introduced to Edward Hyde.
• Both men know that Hyde is related in some way to Dr. Jekyll, but do not speak of it aloud.

Search for Mr. Hyde

• Utterson visits Lanyon.

• Lanyon expresses concern about Jekyll's sanity.
• Utterson is disturbed enough that he cannot sleep.

• Utterson decides to go to Jekyll's house to see Hyde.
• Utterson meets Hyde and feels a sense of evil.

• Poole tells Utterson that Jekyll is away.

Dr. Jekyll was Quite at Ease

• Dr. Jekyll throws a dinner party.

• Utterson stays behind to discuss Jekyll's will.

• Utterson pries but gets no answers.
• Jekyll becomes upset when Utterson asks about Hyde.

• Jekyll convinces Utterson...

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