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Alfred Uhry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After speaking to Jeanette Harris, how much of a raise does Hoke get from Boolie?
(a) Seventy-five dollars a week.
(b) Sixty-five dollars a week.
(c) Thirty dollars a week.
(d) Five dollars a mile.

2. Who is Boolie's father?
(a) Hoke.
(b) The reader never finds out.
(c) Boolie is an orphan.
(d) George.

3. Why doesn't Boolie want to go to the banquet?
(a) Because he is sick.
(b) Because doing so may harm his business.
(c) Because he can't afford it.
(d) Because he already has plans.

4. What does Daisy have to say about who can learn to read?
(a) That it is very difficult.
(b) That Hoke isn't smart enough to do it.
(c) That anyone can do it.
(d) That Hoke is too old to learn.

5. Where is the first place Daisy allows Hoke to take her?
(a) The bank.
(b) The Piggly Wiggly.
(c) The bus stop.
(d) The department store.

6. Why does Daisy become alarmed when she is home alone during the ice storm?
(a) Because she hears footsteps outside.
(b) Because she is afraid of the dark.
(c) Because he home alarm keeps going off.
(d) Because her dog starts barking wildly.

7. Where has Hoke heard Martin Luther King preach?
(a) On the radio.
(b) At his church.
(c) In person.
(d) Over the TV.

8. What is the motto of Boolie's business?
(a) You want it, we got it.
(b) You want it, we want it too.
(c) Get what you want -- fast.
(d) We want what Atlanta wants.

9. What does Diasy suspect Idella has done a few times?
(a) Sneak men into the house.
(b) Make long-distance phone calls.
(c) Throw silver forks in the garbage.
(d) Steal a pair of earrings.

10. How does Boolie feel about his mother going to the banquet?
(a) He's afraid she'll get drunk -- again.
(b) He's glad someone can use the tickets.
(c) He doesn't want her to go.
(d) He's afraid she'll be out too late.

11. How much money is Daisy's accident going to cost the insurance company?
(a) $2700.
(b) $5350.
(c) $10000.
(d) $1000.

12. Who does Daisy tell Boolie that Hoke came to see (in the final scene)?
(a) Her cute nurse.
(b) His daughter.
(c) Herself.
(d) Her doctor.

13. What is a "Piggly Wiggly"?
(a) A pet shop.
(b) A mean name for old Jewish ladies.
(c) A grocery store.
(d) A mean name for chauffeurs.

14. What food item does Hoke feed Daisy in the final scene?
(a) Pie.
(b) Soup.
(c) Juice.
(d) Oatmeal.

15. What is the name of Hoke's childhood friend whose father was lynched?
(a) Porter.
(b) Samuel.
(c) David.
(d) Peter.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hoke get to visit Daisy once she no longer lives at home?

2. What is Hoke's last name?

3. What does Daisy think of the holiday lights Florine always puts up?

4. Where does Hoke pick up Daisy from temple for the first time?

5. When Daisy finally ends up touching Hoke, what does she touch?

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