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Alfred Uhry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. From whom does Boolie win his award?
(a) His law firm.
(b) The Governor's Business Committee.
(c) The Atlanta City Council.
(d) The Atlanta Business Council.

2. How does Hoke find out that Daisy's temple has been bombed?
(a) Someone calls the cell phone they have in the car.
(b) He reads it in the papers.
(c) He hears it on TV.
(d) A police officer tells him.

3. What is the first nice thing Boolie hears Daisy say about Hoke?
(a) She never says anything nice about him.
(b) That he's a good driver.
(c) That he's handsome.
(d) That he's handy.

4. Why does Daisy become alarmed when she is home alone during the ice storm?
(a) Because she hears footsteps outside.
(b) Because she is afraid of the dark.
(c) Because he home alarm keeps going off.
(d) Because her dog starts barking wildly.

5. To whom is Hoke's daughter married?
(a) A car salesman.
(b) A Pullman porter.
(c) A shoe salesman.
(d) The mailman.

6. How long does Boolie allow Hoke to live in Daisy's home.
(a) He doesn't allow him to do this.
(b) Until he passes away.
(c) For as many years as he's worked for the family.
(d) Six months.

7. What sign causes Daisy such alarm during her long trip with Hoke?
(a) Phenix City - 30 miles.
(b) Paris - 2 miles.
(c) Mobile - 45 miles.
(d) Chicago - 200 miles.

8. Who is Daisy going to see when she has Hoke drive her for a trip?
(a) Her uncle Walter.
(b) A lawyer.
(c) A special doctor.
(d) Her mother, who now lives in a hospital.

9. What feels funny to Boolie about selling his mother's house?
(a) That she died so suddenly in it.
(b) That they had to pull her out of it kicking and screaming.
(c) That it is haunted with old family members.
(d) That she is still alive when they do it.

10. How is the situation with the missing can of salmon resolved?
(a) The cost of the salmon is deducted from Hoke's paycheck.
(b) Daisy decides not to confront Hoke so there's never a resolution.
(c) Hoke brings a replacement can to Daisy.
(d) Hoke must replace it with two cans of salmon.

11. What stage cue does Driving Miss Daisy frequently use to change scenes?
(a) A bell softly ringing.
(b) Music.
(c) The lights going off and then on.
(d) A narrator.

12. What does Hoke mean when he says "Yassum" to Daisy?
(a) Yes ma'am.
(b) Yesterday.
(c) Yes mama.
(d) You need something?

13. What does Daisy think Hoke witnessing the lynching has to do with her temple being bombed?
(a) She thinks someone is after Hoke.
(b) She thinks it's time to move to California.
(c) She thinks it's the same people.
(d) Nothing.

14. What item does Boolie call and ask Daisy to bring over for Christmas dessert?
(a) Shredded coconut.
(b) Lemon curd.
(c) Chocolate chips.
(d) Whipped cream.

15. How old is Hoke when the play begins?
(a) 70.
(b) 65.
(c) 75.
(d) 60.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Boolie's father?

2. Who does Daisy accuse of doing everything wrong when she is disoriented?

3. What kind of car does Daisy crash?

4. What is Daisy's last name?

5. Why doesn't Daisy want to park her car in the sun?

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