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Alfred Uhry
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To whom is Driving Miss Daisy dedicated?
(a) "Suzy."
(b) "My beloved wife."
(c) "To all the Miss Daisys out there."
(d) "Mama and Will."

2. What does Daisy think Hoke witnessing the lynching has to do with her temple being bombed?
(a) She thinks it's the same people.
(b) She thinks someone is after Hoke.
(c) Nothing.
(d) She thinks it's time to move to California.

3. In what year does the play end?
(a) 1973.
(b) The reader never finds out.
(c) 1988.
(d) 2002.

4. Where does Daisy tell Hoke to pick her up from temple the first time?
(a) She tells him not to pick her up at all.
(b) In the back.
(c) Around the corner.
(d) In the alley, away from everyone.

5. To whom is Daisy married to when the play begins?
(a) No one; she is a widow.
(b) We never learn his name.
(c) George.
(d) Hoke.

6. How long has Daisy known Idella?
(a) Since her son was in eighth grade.
(b) For only a few months.
(c) Since 1958.
(d) Since she was born.

7. What stage cue does Driving Miss Daisy frequently use to change scenes?
(a) The lights going off and then on.
(b) A bell softly ringing.
(c) Music.
(d) A narrator.

8. What does Rose Bauer ask Daisy to do in the cemetery?
(a) Bring back some informational materials.
(b) Put flowers on her husband's grave.
(c) Drive safely.
(d) Say a prayer for her.

9. What holiday is it during the final scene of the play?
(a) Thanksgiving.
(b) Christmas.
(c) The Fourth of July -- Daisy's favorite.
(d) Easter.

10. What item do Hoke and Daisy eat in the car during their long trip?
(a) Apple pie.
(b) Stuffed eggs.
(c) McDonald's.
(d) Iced tea.

11. After speaking to Jeanette Harris, how much of a raise does Hoke get from Boolie?
(a) Five dollars a mile.
(b) Sixty-five dollars a week.
(c) Thirty dollars a week.
(d) Seventy-five dollars a week.

12. Who is Boolie's father?
(a) The reader never finds out.
(b) Hoke.
(c) George.
(d) Boolie is an orphan.

13. When she becomes disoriented, what is causing Daisy to also become so distressed?
(a) She thinks she will be killed any moment.
(b) She can't find her subway pass.
(c) She thinks she is late for performing surgery.
(d) She doesn't want to disappoint her students.

14. How long does Boolie pay Hoke for?
(a) The rest of his life.
(b) Until they can spend all of her money.
(c) Until Daisy dies.
(d) Until the house deal goes through.

15. What does Hoke's family member, who is a college professor, teach?
(a) History.
(b) Biology.
(c) Driving.
(d) English.

Short Answer Questions

1. When he first starts working, what does Hoke offer to do to Daisy's backyard?

2. What is a "Piggly Wiggly"?

3. In what year does the play begin?

4. Why does Hoke need to pull the car over on their way home from their long trip?

5. How does Daisy initially react to Hoke's request to pull the car over during the ride back from their long trip?

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