Driving Miss Daisy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Alfred Uhry
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• The play opens in Atlanta, 1948.

• Daisy Werthan, an older Jewish white woman, has crashed her car and is arguing with her son, Boolie, about getting a driver for her. She is angry and stubborn about it, but he insists and decides to coordinate the hiring.

• The audience learns that while Daisy has money from her late husband, she is uncomfortable with the idea of using it, especially for a chauffeur. She is worried about what other people will think.

• Boolie is conducting interviews for Daisy's driver when Hoke Colburn enters. He is very friendly and seems to quickly pick up on why Daisy is not doing the interviews herself.

• He is eager to work for the Werthans, as he has heard they are Jewish and he has had good experience working for Jews. He is also in desperate need of a job.

• After some discussion about...

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