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Chapter 1

• It is driver’s ed class and Remy is praying that she will get to drive that day.

• Her classmate, Christine, is hoping and praying that she won’t have to drive.

• Mr. Fielding, their teacher, calls the names of the three students who will drive that day.

• Christine’s name is called, but she gives her name tag to Lark, a girl who is happy to drive.

• Mr. Fielding has no clue when his students exchange name tags, because he hasn’t bothered to learn their names.

• The students in the class who are not chosen to drive that day are left in a room off the library.

• Mrs. Bee, the librarian, is supposed to supervise them, but since she doesn’t get extra pay for the job, she lets the kids do whatever they want.

• Remy drives first.

• As usual, Mr. Fielding listens to his...

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