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Caroline Knapp
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Knapp describe Janet?
(a) Seventeen years old and perpetually insecure.
(b) Twenty-two years old and overweight.
(c) Thirty-seven years old, tall and beautiful.
(d) Forty-seven years old and homely.

2. How does Knapp behave the last time Julian threw her out?
(a) She left on good terms, with respect for each other.
(b) He practically had to pry her fingers from the furniture.
(c) She burned all his letters to her in the sink.
(d) She was taken away to the rehab clinic.

3. How did Knapp spend her last night before rehab?
(a) With her sister.
(b) Drinking at home alone.
(c) Drinking a little with Julian.
(d) Passed out in Michael's room.

4. What does Tess do the next day after her medical emergency?
(a) She does nothing.
(b) She goes to rehab.
(c) She starts AA.
(d) She keeps drinking.

5. What was Janet's weight like during college?
(a) She would never let herself get above a certain weight.
(b) She kept a steady weight compulsively.
(c) It was never high enough.
(d) It would balloon, then crash down.

Short Answer Questions

1. What frightens Knapp at rehab?

2. What does Knapp think about William?

3. How does Knapp justify her drinking?

4. How does drinking affect the brain?

5. How does Knapp think Julian saw her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happened the last time Julian attempted to kick Knapp out?

2. How does Knapp feel the first time she slept with Michael?

3. What happened when Knapp took the quiz administered by the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence?

4. What was Knapp's relationship with Julian like in the beginning?

5. What does Knapp think when she arrives at the AA meeting?

6. How does Knapp describe alcohol's effect on the body?

7. How does Knapp say drinking skews a person's views?

8. What was it like for Knapp after she got out of rehab?

9. How does Knapp see herself as similar to Tess?

10. What does Knapp say life is like for drinkers who quit?

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