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Caroline Knapp
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to Knapp's friend's brother who tried to molest his sister?
(a) Nothing--he went on to molest other girls.
(b) He killed himself.
(c) He was institutionalized.
(d) He was killed by an angry father.

2. What kind of drunk was Knapp's friend Elaine?
(a) Messy.
(b) Gregarious.
(c) Tightly wound.
(d) Belligerent.

3. Why was Knapp always anxious around her father?
(a) She was afraid that he would beat her up.
(b) She was afraid that she was not pretty enough.
(c) She was afraid that she was not brave enough.
(d) She was afraid that she was not smart enough.

4. What would Knapp do before she met a specific person for drinks after work when she was younger?
(a) Go for a run.
(b) Write a little bit.
(c) Have a couple of drinks.
(d) Get something to eat.

5. What kinds of things would Knapp obsessively yearn for?
(a) Writing ethereal poetry.
(b) Getting close to nature.
(c) Staying high all the time.
(d) Making new friends.

Short Answer Questions

1. How old was Knapp when she fell in love with David?

2. Who was Knapp's boyfriend at the time when her father died?

3. Who did Knapp almost hurt, making her want to stop drinking?

4. Where would Knapp meet this person for drinks when she was younger?

5. How does Knapp respond when her mother confronts her with the empty bottle?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Knapp strategize to hide her drinking at the end?

2. What does Knapp think began her addictions?

3. How does Knapp's drinking change when she lives by herself?

4. How would sex make Knapp's friend Meg feel?

5. How does Knapp get through dinner with Michael's parents?

6. How would Knapp fill her days when she was living by herself?

7. What confrontation do Knapp and her mother have after Knapp's father dies?

8. What does Knapp say runs through her mind when she wakes up next to a stranger?

9. What does Knapp realize after AA and years of therapy?

10. What does Knapp realize during the last six months of her drinking?

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