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Caroline Knapp
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What physical symptoms does Tess experience on her way home?
(a) Heaving bleeding.
(b) Temporary blindness.
(c) She has terrible pains in her belly.
(d) She cannot breathe.

2. What does the brain do in response to this chemical being released?
(a) Work overtime to decrease the chemical.
(b) Build up resistance to the chemical.
(c) Convert sugar into fat.
(d) Slow down for as long as the chemical is in the system.

3. What does Tess do the next day after her medical emergency?
(a) She does nothing.
(b) She keeps drinking.
(c) She starts AA.
(d) She goes to rehab.

4. What does William think about Knapp?
(a) He is grateful that he is not a bad drinker like her.
(b) He is ashamed of her.
(c) He sees himself as better off than she is.
(d) He tries desperately to save her from what he went through.

5. What frightens Knapp at rehab?
(a) The crack addicts.
(b) The long days.
(c) The relapsers.
(d) The long nights.

6. What feelings motivate Knapp's drinking now that she starts seeing Michael?
(a) Anxiety that Michael will see the same things Julian saw.
(b) Happiness and freedom.
(c) Longing for Michael's embraces.
(d) Guilt over seeing Michael and Julian.

7. What chemical does the brain release under the influence of alcohol?
(a) Pseudoephedrine.
(b) Epinephrine.
(c) Dopamine.
(d) Seratonin.

8. How does drinking change for Knapp after her mother dies?
(a) She resolves to quit.
(b) She becomes desperate.
(c) She is never sober.
(d) She fights more with Julian.

9. What does Knapp do when Julian throws her out?
(a) Moves to Boston.
(b) Gets an apartment close to his.
(c) Moves to New Orleans.
(d) Lives on the street for a little while.

10. How did Janet deal with the pain she felt?
(a) She made herself throw up.
(b) She studied.
(c) She drank till she blacked out.
(d) She cut herself.

11. What is the typical drinker's relationship with alcohol like after they quit drinking?
(a) They can return to drinking any time.
(b) They can never drink comfortably again.
(c) They can never look at a bottle without getting sick.
(d) They are always extra susceptible to overdrinking.

12. Who is waiting for Knapp to check in at Beech Hill?
(a) Her doctor.
(b) Her sister.
(c) No one.
(d) Michael.

13. How does drinking affect the brain?
(a) It stimulates the reward system.
(b) It suppresses fears.
(c) It creates the sensation of calm and well being.
(d) It creates pleasant hallucinations.

14. How does Tess' story begin?
(a) She was drinking with her family.
(b) She was kidnapped.
(c) She was drinking in Boston.
(d) She was out drinking with her boyfriend.

15. How does Knapp feel at her sister's wedding?
(a) Happy for her sister and miserable for herself.
(b) Optimistic that now she will get married as well.
(c) Aloof from the whole event, which seems unreal.
(d) World-weary and disgusted with marriage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of man is Michael?

2. Who noticed Knapp's anorexia?

3. How long after Knapp moves out of Julian's apartment does she meet Michael?

4. What is William's relationship with alcohol?

5. What motivates Knapp to stay sober?

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