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Caroline Knapp
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How would Knapp make it through an evening with her boyfriend?
(a) She would hide a flask in the sofa.
(b) She would not drink.
(c) She would go to the car to drink scotch.
(d) She would wait until her boyfriend went to sleep to drink.

2. What was Knapp like as a child?
(a) Curious and playful.
(b) Clumsy and disorganized.
(c) Painfully shy.
(d) Outspoken and irreverent.

3. What effect did alcohol have on Alex?
(a) It turned him into someone people liked.
(b) It turned him into a sexy dancer.
(c) It turned him into an easy-going football fan.
(d) It made his thoughts taste better inside his brain.

4. How would Knapp spend her time during the first year of living alone?
(a) She would not have anything to do but drink.
(b) She spent a lot of time volunteering.
(c) She never had a free minute to herself.
(d) She saw constantly visiting with friends.

5. How old was Knapp when she first got drunk?
(a) Eleven.
(b) Seven.
(c) Eight.
(d) Sixteen.

6. How did Knapp's drinking change in the last six months of her drinking?
(a) She was constantly drunk.
(b) She was drinking all the time.
(c) She was hiding bottles everywhere.
(d) She scheduled her drinking.

7. Where does Knapp write her column?
(a) The Village Voice.
(b) The L. A. Times.
(c) The New Yorker.
(d) The Boston Phoenix.

8. What was the prevailing view of women's bodies when Meg and Knapp were growing up?
(a) They were encouraged to see themselves through other women's eyes.
(b) They were not told to embrace their bodies.
(c) They were not encouraged to think of themselves as attractive.
(d) They were reduced to sex symbols.

9. What does Knapp tell her boss when he asks about her injury?
(a) She says she hurt herself playing volleyball.
(b) She tells him that she was hit by a car.
(c) She tells him that she was chasing some kids.
(d) She says she fell down the stairs.

10. How did her friendship with Elaine make Knapp feel about herself?
(a) More intelligent.
(b) Less dysfunctional.
(c) Wealthier.
(d) Poorer.

11. How many bottles would Knapp keep at the end of her drinking?
(a) Three.
(b) Two.
(c) Six.
(d) A case.

12. How does Knapp feel for her first year living alone?
(a) Unstable and anxious.
(b) Stable and organized.
(c) Psychotic and delirious.
(d) Depressed and fragile.

13. Why was Knapp always anxious around her father?
(a) She was afraid that she was not brave enough.
(b) She was afraid that he would beat her up.
(c) She was afraid that she was not smart enough.
(d) She was afraid that she was not pretty enough.

14. Who did Knapp almost hurt, making her want to stop drinking?
(a) Her parents.
(b) Her friend's children.
(c) An innocent stranger.
(d) Herself.

15. What was Knapp's relationship with alcohol like in the beginning of her alcoholism?
(a) She drank casually for many years as her consumption increased.
(b) She began drinking almost before she could remember.
(c) She fell head over heels in love with it.
(d) She didn't drink much until she had a crisis.

Short Answer Questions

1. What would Knapp do if she felt that she did not have enough in her glass?

2. How often would Knapp drink?

3. Where would Knapp meet this person for drinks when she was younger?

4. How does Knapp describe alcoholism?

5. What activity would appear on Knapp's list of things to do?

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