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Caroline Knapp
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, Destiny, (pg 28-55).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What class of people does Knapp find at AA meetings?
(a) Mentally ill people.
(b) Poor and desperate people.
(c) Heads of law firms and CEOs.
(d) Pilots and flight controllers.

2. How did the people around Knapp see her?
(a) Tightly wound and controlling.
(b) Insecure and hysterical.
(c) Messy and disorganized.
(d) Organized and sophisticated.

3. Which friend of Knapp's had a schizophrenic brother?
(a) Abby.
(b) Alice K.
(c) Meg.
(d) Michael.

4. Where does Knapp see alcoholics?
(a) Only at the bars.
(b) Everywhere in society.
(c) In certain kinds of low-paying jobs.
(d) In certain kinds of high-power positions.

5. What gesture does Knapp make after the confrontation with her mother?
(a) She pours out all the alcohol she has.
(b) She checks in to rehab.
(c) She has a fit and goes on a binge.
(d) She tries to make it a day without drinking.

Short Answer Questions

1. What would Knapp ask her co-workers?

2. What kind of alcohol did Knapp keep in the house at the end of her drinking?

3. How did Knapp's drinking change in the last six months of her drinking?

4. What is the result of the gesture Knapp makes after the confrontation with her mother?

5. What happened to Knapp's friend's brother who tried to molest his sister?

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