Drinking: A Love Story Multiple Choice Test Questions

Caroline Knapp
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1. What was Knapp's relationship with alcohol like?
(a) Brief and blissful.
(b) Long and tortured.
(c) Longstanding, methodically destructive.
(d) On and off, and inconsistent.

2. What does Knapp's memoir describe?
(a) The cost of the damage she caused by drinking.
(b) The effect of her drinking on her relationships and emotions.
(c) The visions Knapp saw under the influence.
(d) The grief Knapp felt over the things she lost because of alcohol.

3. How did alcohol affect Knapp?
(a) It made her sociable and wise.
(b) It filled her with rage and sorrow.
(c) It trapped her in anger and depression.
(d) It impaired her ability to grow.

4. What was Knapp like in her professional life?
(a) Inconsistent but occasionally brilliant.
(b) Smart and productive.
(c) Highly-motivated and tightly controlled.
(d) Lazy and shiftless.

5. What was Knapp like in her personal life?
(a) Miserable and vengeful.
(b) Depressive and ineffective.
(c) Out of control.
(d) Creative and thoughtful.

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