Daily Lessons for Teaching Drinking: A Love Story

Caroline Knapp
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Lesson 1 (from Prologue)



Knapp describes the split between her professional and personal life: she is organized at work, but out of control in her life. This lesson discusses the theme of the dual personality in Drinking: A Love Story.


1. Small group discussion. Ask students to work together in small groups to characterize the two halves of Knapp's personality.

2. Writing assignment. Ask students to write for ten minutes about the theme of the split personality. Why doesn't her productive work life rub off on her disorganized personal life? What insecurities or other feelings preserve the split between the halves of her?

3. Class debate. Ask students to take sides, prepare arguments, and debate the question of whether Knapp is two different people, or just one split person. How does she describe the split? How does she account for it to herself?

Homework: Write a short essay that describes Knapp's...

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